The great geographical revelations: Putin called Russia the real Land of the Rising Sun

The real Land of the Rising Sun is Russia. This was stated by Russian President Vladimir Putin in Kamchatka, where he met with participants in the All-Russian Youth Environmental Forum held on the peninsula. The words of the head of state of the Russian Federation were quoted by TASS.

“Geographically, I think we should still say about Kamchatka. In general, our neighbors the Japanese and Japan call them the Land of the Rising Sun, but more to the East of Japan is located, in my opinion, Kamchakta or Sakhalin, even more to the East is New Zealand, and more to the East of New Zealand is Chukotka. And there is already a 60-kilometer strait and that’s it – further on is the American continent. In this sense – Land of the Rising Sun – this is Russia,” said President Putin.

The agencies quoted Putin as saying that, first of all, Russia “starts with man, wherever he lives.” “The beginning of Russia, as I have already said, is unconditionally man, wherever he resides, on whatever territory he lives. “

Earlier on Monday, Vladimir Putin greeted participants at the International Tiger Conservation Forum in Vladivostok, considered the capital of the Amur tiger. He said that since the “tiger summit” in 2010, the tiger population has increased by 40 percent.

“We in Russia have a lot to be proud of. 12 years ago, no more than 390 adult Amur tigers lived in our Far Eastern taiga, and now with their kittens there are already around 750. This is the result of systematic measures implemented at the state level, but above all from the visible embodiment of synchronous, hard work of Russian scientists. Tigers began to return to places where they were already considered extinct – the Jewish Autonomous Region and the Amur Region. The Russian experience has been adopted by Kazakhstan, which has tackled the return of the tiger to Central Asia and, according to Putin, who cited Russian scientists, the first tigers in the wild there could appear in 2025.


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