“The gods have tossed a coin for Daemon and madness has struck him”

Matt Smith, who takes on the role of Daemon Targaryen in House of the Dragon, has already openly shared his thoughts on his controversial character.

Revealing almost nothing of the plot of the first episode, the actor explains his character by saying that “the gods tossed a coin for Daemon and he went crazy.” In his conversation with the New York Times, Smith adds that his character has his own twisted logic in his head.

“The greatest thing about Demon is that you never know [какво ще направи]”, he also says.

Smith explains that the viewer never knows if the younger Targaryen brother will suddenly rush off to pursue a nobler cause or cause more mayhem. “That’s what’s so interesting about Demon,” says the British actor.

He explains that at all times, Damon is fully convinced that he is doing the right thing. “It’s a brilliant character, you never know what he’s going to do or what he’s thinking,” Smith added, adding that Targaryen has “a strange moral compass in his head.”

“Damon is almost blinded by loyalty,” Smith further explains of his character. Despite this enthusiasm, he does not accept the role of Daemon Targaryen immediately and without any doubt, on the contrary – he has a number of doubts about taking on the “House of the Dragon”.

The first worry comes even before he gets the script.

There he sees entire paragraphs of Valyrian language and fears that in addition to preparing for his role, he will also have to learn a new language. “I find that when I speak a new language, I discover a new part of myself,” Smith is quick to add.

But before that, the actor is on a daily errand, parked his car, and receives a call from his agent, who explains that he has an offer for a role in the Game of Thrones spinoff. Matt’s first thought is that the role will be very difficult.

“I was like, hasn’t this been done before. Then I went to test shots and then it worked,” explains Smith.

A huge role in convincing the actor to participate was also the presence of Paddy Considine, who entered the image of King Viserys.

“I already knew that Paddy was going to play King Viserys, and I’m such a big fan of his that I’ve always wanted to work with him,” explains Smith.

“I love Daemon’s relationship with Viserys,” he added.

“I think it’s always interesting to see characters who behave so badly,” adds Matt Smith, without further hinting at what will happen next.


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