The Glazers want a colossal fee for United, only 177 people can pay it

The number of people who can pay the Glazers’ asking price to buy Manchester United is… just 177. Red Devils fans have long been calling for a change of ownership, with first-hand information emerging yesterday that the Americans are not ready to part with the controlling stake of the legendary team.

However, the Daily Star reveals that the Glazers would still reconsider their decision. This, of course, involves money. A lot, a lot of money indeed. According to the publication, the amount for which the Yankees can agree to part with United is… a little over 10 billion euros.

If one day such a deal is indeed reached, then Manchester will become the most expensive sports organization in the world. Currently at the top of this ranking is the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys (€8.2 billion).

According to Forbes magazine’s list of the world’s current billionaires, only 177 people have a fortune large enough to meet Glazer’s asking price for Man United.

Stan Kroenke (owner of Arsenal) and Shahid Khan (owner of Fulham) are automatically excluded from the accounts. Russian rich people should also not be included among potential buyers because of the restrictions imposed on them after the start of the war in Ukraine. There are 14 billionaires from Russia, among them is the former shareholder in Arsenal and Everton – Alisher Usmanov.

One of those on the list is Sir Jim Ratcliffe – the richest man in Great Britain. It was he who stated that he held an unsuccessful meeting with the Glazer family regarding a possible change of ownership.

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