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On Monday, Manchester United officially announced that the owners of the Glazer family have started the procedure for the sale of the club. Now “The Telegraph” comes out with the information that the richest man in Great Britain – Sir Jim Ratcliffe – wants to buy the “red devils”.

The owner of the chemical giant “Ineos” had a desire to acquire the team from “Old Trafford” back in the summer, but then the Glazer family refused. However, now the situation is different and the Americans have already announced that they are putting the club up for sale and Ratcliffe is ready with a new offer, adds the publication.

United bosses are considering using Reign Group to help find new investors. She has already helped bring about the deal to sell Chelsea. Ratcliffe knows this company well and has no problem working with them. However, he is worried that the Glazers want an unrealistically high price for Manchester United. They are said to be willing to receive between £6bn and £8bn, which Ratcliffe believes is well above the club’s real value at the moment and hopes the price can be brought down. For example, Chelsea was bought by Todd Bowley for 2.5 billion pounds.

It is claimed that Jim Ratcliffe’s interest in Manchester United is not just from a business point of view. He is one of the biggest supporters of the team he has supported since he was a child. Therefore, his desire to acquire the club is more than serious.

Apart from the price, however, there is another obstacle to Ratcliffe buying United. Ineos now owns French club Nice. According to UEFA regulations, two clubs that have the same owner are not allowed to play against each other. And there is no guarantee that these teams will not meet in one of the European tournaments in the foreseeable future.

It is also said that among the potential candidates for the acquisition of Manchester United may be some of those who did not succeed in the battle for the Chelsea auctions.

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