The first participant of the 2022 World Cup raised his voice against Qatar

Australia’s soccer players, who will participate in the World Cup in Qatar, which starts in less than a month, have come out with a collective position related to the violation of human rights in the host country of the World Cup 2022. The Australians are the first team to openly state their criticism of the Qataris.

The video address criticized “the treatment of migrant workers as well as the LGBTQ+ community”. It emphasizes that the suffering of workers and their families cannot be ignored lightly.

The world championship will start on November 20, and for months now the organizers have been criticized massively for the inhumane conditions in which those working on the construction of the stadiums and the infrastructure in general were forced to act.

“Talking about these problems is not easy, and we also don’t have all the necessary answers. But we need to create a center for migrants, find a remedy for those whose rights have been violated and also decriminalize relationships between people from same sex,” Australians also say.

The team also spoke strongly against the “kafala” system – in which employers take away the passports of their workers and block them from leaving the country.

The Australians are in a group with France, Tunisia and Denmark.

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