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The World Cup in Qatar is getting closer. There are exactly 14 days left until its start, and we continue to present to you the Faces of NOVA, which will reflect for you all the most interesting things from the World Cup.

After you have already met Valeria Videva and Pavleta Rashkova, today it’s time to introduce you to Lilia Mustakova. She and Yasen Deyanov will be one of the TV tandems that will introduce you to all the most interesting things from Qatar.

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Who is the big favorite to win the world championship?

If I have to say my personal favorite it’s England, but if we’re talking bookies’ favorite it’s Brazil. It could also be France, so I think it will be a very tight World Cup and I really can’t predict who will be the winner.

Which of the contestants do you sympathize with?

I already said. I sympathize with England. I lived there, I studied there for years, I have a family there. England is like my second home and I have always regarded it as my second national team and I will be very happy to see them in a final which they win.

Which group match are you looking forward to?

All the group matches are interesting, they are all different. Maybe the England v USA match as it still has a slight historical feel to it and I think it will be interesting to watch.

Which team will be the pleasant surprise of the tournament?

England? I sincerely hope it’s England. It would certainly be a surprise because so far in my conscious life I have never seen the team win a final. I would also like to see a slight surprise from Germany. I hope to see a slightly more competitive team than the previous championships, as after winning the title they lost a bit on the world stage. I hope that changes this year.

Listen to the entire interview with Lilia Mustakova in the attached video!

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