The executioner of Spain is LOOTING for Portugal! Champion France sends England home (VIDEO)

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On Friday, we definitely witnessed the most interesting and dramatic evening since the beginning of World Cup 2022 in Qatar. Croatia dropped the bomb in the tournament and produced one of the biggest sensations in history, knocking Brazil out of the championship on penalties.

Argentina and the Netherlands played out a brutal match with a record number of yellow cards in a World Cup match, and thanks to the magic of Messi and flawless execution of penalties, the Gauchos reached the quarter-finals. There are also very, very interesting battles ahead today, with Morocco looking to stop another Iberian selection in the face of Portugal and England v France looking the most evenly matched and interesting quarter-final of the tournament (watch the video to see expectations, analysis and predictions for these matches, or keep reading!):

After “faking” Spain, Morocco will try to make Portugal cry too

Almost no one expected Morocco to appear in the quarter-finals of the tournament, except for a few, among them members of the Tochno Popadenie team. In the show, we repeatedly explored analytically the excellent game in defense of the African selection – something we talk about in the next episode of the show.

Portugal, however, is “another beer”. Fernando Santos’ side play direct and fast football, in contrast to Luis Enrique’s ‘false tiki-taka’, and the coach also opted to leave Ronaldo on the bench – a move that unleashed the full force of the Portuguese attack. In a classic battle between defense and attack, it will be interesting to see who will gain the upper hand (full preview of the match – watch the video).

The icing on the cake – England v France

England have played two World Cup matches against France and have won both. In recent years, however, the odds have been entirely on the side of the Roosters, who are attempting to become the 3rd national team to defend their world title and the first to do so in a 32-team, round-of-16 format as part of the knockout phase .

Watch the full analysis, expectations and predictions for this match in the video:

Experts’ predictions for the last 1/4-finals of the World Cup

After two of the four analysts on the Sesame-sponsored “Right Hit” got 4 of their 6 predictions right in yesterday’s matchup, today’s contestants have a new batch of interesting predictions – watch them at the end of the video:

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