The ever-present Verstappen is once again king of the Dutch Grand Prix – Motorsport – Formula 1

The ever-present Verstappen is once again king of the Dutch Grand Prix – Motorsport – Formula 1

Max Verstappen claimed yet another victory at today’s Dutch Grand Prix after generally not relinquishing the lead at any point in his home race. George Russell was able to shoot his way up to second position while Charles Leclerc was able to hold on to a place in the top 3. However, the problems at Ferrari were again evident as Sergio Perez finished fifth after a blunder by the mechanics at his first pit stop.

Verstappen got off to an excellent start to consolidate his lead. The two Ferrari cars also remained on the podium. On the first lap, Kevin Magnussen crashed but managed to get back on track.

On the seventh lap, Charles Leclerc managed to record the fastest lap since the start of the race. In the 14th lap, the first pit stops for the drivers began. Just a lap later, Carlos Sainz was brutally delayed in the pits as the mechanics again failed to organize themselves well.

After this blunder, Verstappen was left to fight only with Leclerc, who, however, made a masterful pit stop on the 18th lap.

Gradually, Lewis Hamilton began to catch up to the top 3 and Sergio Perez. On lap 36, the Briton began to press Perez, and a lap later took the position to stand on the podium. On the 39th lap, George Russell also managed to pass the suffering Perez.

At the end of the 44th lap, Yuki Tsunoda had to stop because there was a misunderstanding about whether the tires were on. Eventually a virtual safety car was called on lap 48 when Tsunoda actually had to stop this time.

This virtual intervention was followed by another swap, with Leclerc left behind Hamilton and Russell due to an early pit stop.

In the 61st lap, the race was restarted, and Hamilton was unable to hold on to the first place, while Verstappen, with a masterful maneuver, came out on top again. On lap 64, Russell managed to pass his teammate Hamilton, after which Lewis was left furious. By the end of the race, there were no further changes at the front, and so Verstappen triumphed again at Zandsfoot.