The decision on the Kresna Gorge is a “big gift” for Kiril Petkov’s father

Nikolay Nankov congratulated the National Council on Biological Diversity for the continuation of the Struma highway with a post on his Facebook.

“Kiril Petkov’s father – Petko, received a very nice gift for his big day. The biggest specialist in environmental topics and in particular – in the Kresne gorge, received a resounding slap from the relevant ministry. The former wards of the other “great ecologist” – the former Deputy Prime Minister Borislav Sandov, practically revised his position. So much for their expertise,” he wrote.

“Congratulations to the National Council for Biological Diversity at the Ministry of Education and Culture, which has given the “green light” to the completion of the Struma highway through the Kresna Gorge along the already selected route. This is the best decision of the Eco-Ministry in a year. And the most direct route to increase traffic safety in this treacherous section.”

“The Greens deliberately stopped the project with all possible means – both insinuations in the public space and denunciations to Brussels. Our argument was that yes – ecology is extremely important, but the leading priority is the preservation of human life. And with a lot of work and discussions with leading experts and specialists we have reached the best possible solution. There is still a chance that the construction of the most difficult section of the Struma will start quickly. And when the highway is completed, the “greens” will hardly go to sea in Greece on a bypass route as a sign to protest that there is no tunnel!” added Nankov.

We remind you that yesterday at a meeting of the National Council for Biological Diversity, the goals for conservation in the Kresna Gorge were adopted. Their non-acceptance was the problem that blocked the construction of AM “Struma”. Thanks to this decision, the construction of AM “Struma” through Kresna can begin.


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