The death of Elizabeth II brought a truce between Princes William and Harry and their wives

The truce between Princes William and Harry and wives r; Kate and Meghan, when they appear together in front of Windsor Castle to see the flowers left for the late Queen Elizabeth II, is on the front page of the British press, reported AFP.

The photos of the two couples, dressed in black and with sad faces, are on the front page of almost all newspapers.

“Together because of grandma”, says the “Mirror”. “William extends olive branch to Harry and Meghan after Queen’s death”.

The sons of King Charles III and their wives had not appeared together in public since March 2020.

“Warring royals demonstrate unity,” says Sun.

“United in grief” was the headline of the Sunday Telegraph, which published a front-page picture of the two couples walking towards people gathered outside Windsor Castle and flowers laid in tribute to Queen Elizabeth II.

The dissonance comes from the Sunday Times – although the brothers showed unity on Sunday in Windsor, the paper claims “heavy negotiations” took place behind the scenes between the two sides, delaying their appearance by around 45 minutes.

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“By extending a hand to end the disagreements, the heir to the throne shows that he lives by the example of his grandmother”, however, believes in “Sunday Telegraph”.

“Anyone who worried that Queen Elizabeth’s heirs would not measure up to her sense of duty can breathe a sigh of relief,” the article added. The paper also questions whether the four got together for good or just for one night.

“William and Harry reunited to mourn the Queen,” the Independent also points out. “How happy our dear late Queen must be, sitting there on her cloud, watching the scene unfold before her eyes at Windsor Castle,” wrote the Mail on Sunday. “If only they could do it in her lifetime. But no matter. Her Majesty was a pragmatist: better late than never.” “King Charles must be happy too,” added the paper.

Photo: BTA/AR

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