The deal between Porsche and Red Bull could fall apart

photo: Porsche

Markus Dussmann virtually confirmed Porsche’s entry into Formula 1 last week. A little after the official announcement that the brand with the four rings will participate in the sport from 2026. (for now as a drive system manufacturer) Audi CEO comments that after serious discussions with Porsche, they have decided to keep their F1 programs separate. Immediately after the weekend for the Belgian Grand Prix, however, information appeared that in fact the arrival of the other brand, which is also in the portfolio of the Volkswagen Group, is not so certain.

According to information from Auto Motor und Sport, Red Bull has recently worried that Porsche’s influence may be too great if the planned sale of 50% of the Milton Keynes team goes through. Documents of such an intention were mistakenly published shortly before the summer break

In the material of the German publication, it is claimed that Dietrich Mateschitz has approved the sale of half of Red Bull to Porsche. The reason is simple – with such a company, the long-term stability of the team from Milton Keynes is guaranteed. However, Helmut Marko and Christian Horner were not thrilled at the prospect of Porsche asking for an equal share of the work and decisions, as the equal share of Red Bull suggests.

Red Bull’s joker in the situation is the desire expressed by Honda to return to Formula 1. In Tokyo, they considered this to happen from 2026, when the new rules for propulsion systems come into force. The catch here is that if Red Bull were to tie up with Honda again, there would be no need for Red Bull Powertrains to exist.

“The Japanese manufacturer has never let anyone peek into their cards when it comes to their powertrains,” the material said

Horner and Marco’s dream is for Red Bull to be only the second team in Formula 1, after Ferrari, to independently manufacture both the chassis and the drive system. However, it seems unfeasible in both versions. In the first Porsche, they would probably want participation and corresponding recognition for the work. In the second, Honda will simply work independently. Red Bull Powertrains are now up and running. The first prototype engine under the new rules is said to have been fired up at the base before F1’s summer break. If somehow it gets to the point where the company makes the units for Mateschitz’s teams by itself, it will fight against huge concerns Mercedes, Audi and Renault plus Ferrari. According to Horner, imposing budget constraints on powertrain manufacturers as well would eliminate the disparity between them. However, Mercedes, Renault and Ferrari already have a lot of experience, while Red Bull Powertrains is just starting to work on bikes.

Still, Red Bull has an alternative, while Porsche doesn’t. However, the company from Stuttgart does not, and there is an additional problem – its upcoming IPO

It should happen in mid-December at the latest. According to the requirements, 100 days before the announcement of the IPO (Initial Public Offering) Porsche is not allowed to make any strategic decisions. That is, they either have to announce what they are going to do by September 10, or wait until after the stock market goes public. In the second case, however, they will miss the deadline for registration as a manufacturer of propulsion systems for Formula 1 with the FIA. For 2026, it is October 15 this year.

In the end, it turns out that just as the Red Bull/Porsche deal was thought not to have been officially signed and Audi was said to be lagging behind, so Porsche’s entry into the Grand Prix is ​​not entirely certain.

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