The DANS report was submitted to the Ministry of Justice in March

The DANS report was submitted to the Ministry of Justice in March

“The DANS report was submitted to the Council of Ministers back in March during the regular government, and it is becoming public now.” Georgi Krastev, former secretary of the Security Council of the Council of Ministers, said this in the “This Morning” program on BTV.

“These are reports that are not accepted by the government, but are published as they are provided by the services,” he added.

“The DANS report for the first time gives explanations of an educational nature – it has a professional educational value. I wouldn’t say the report is timid. It is much more specific. Criminal divisions of the Penal Code, on which cases have been filed, are also indicated. Concepts, schemes, development are given,” Krastev added.

“The DANS report is for the year 2021 – before the war. He is timid. The Russian Federation is mentioned only once in it. Only the Military Intelligence report stands out.” Journalist Asen Agov commented on this in “This morning”.

He said the agency’s “timid” report was due to the frequent change of political leadership and added that a loyalty check should be carried out.

He specified that the report was the first time information about the recruitment method appeared, and there was enough information from open sources that spoiled the reports.