The Dall-E image generator is now available to the general public

Dall-E, the famous artificial intelligence capable of transforming textual suggestions into photorealistic images, is now available for anyone. Reserved so far for a handful of handpicked users, the tool published by OpenAi is accessible to all.

A simple interface

No need to register on the waiting list and receive a formal invitation: the website now offers anyone willing to enter an email address to generate images via artificial intelligence. The interface could not be simpler with a text field in which suggestions are made. After a few seconds of waiting, Dall-E presents four images related to the suggestion. It is then possible to modify them or create linked variations on the same theme.

The tool is impressively efficient, generating photorealistic images or artwork imitations with just a few clicks. Of course, Dall-E does particularly well when given specific requests. “A painting of the yellow vest movement in the style of Eugène Delacroix” allows for example to see how well the machine has assimilated the style of the painter. By submitting a more fuzzy query, such as “the digital ones”, the result is definitely more baroque and strange.

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Well aware of the risks posed by its AI in the dissemination of infox and dubious montages, OpenAi has installed fairly strict safeguards. It is impossible, for example, to offer suggestions containing Emmanuel Macron or other known public figures. Nudity and violence are also banned, and any search containing references to these concepts will result in a page indicating that the suggestion is against the rules of the platform. “Over the past few months, we have strengthened our filters to block attempts to produce sexual, violent and other content that violates our Content Policy”, indicates the company.

The problem of algorithmic biases

“The machine must confront reality to learn”, explains Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAi, to justify opening Dall-E to the general public. The subject is particularly sensitive, because the latter has previously been accused of reinforcing racist or sexist stereotypes when it comes to representing a person with power and responsibility. To avoid only producing images with white CEOs in their 50s, it would seem that Dall-E add invisible keywords (black man, Asian woman) in order to diversify the results.

This method, which is flawed to say the least, aims to counter the biases inherent in any artificial intelligence system. Dall-E has been fed with a lot of royalty free images available on the net, and these often tend to present a somewhat stereotypical image of society. Put simply, Dall-E has sexist and racist biases, because the world he was built in has sexist and racist biases.

Any registration to Dall-E comes with 50 free credits (1 credit = 1 image generation) and 15 credits are added to your account each month. A quantity that is more than enough to start testing the machine. It is also possible to buy credits in packs of 115 for $15.

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