The Czech Ministry of the Interior hanged Putin in a black sack on its building

A huge poster depicting Russian President Vladimir Putin in a black plastic sack was hung on the Czech Interior Ministry building in Prague on Friday morning. On both sides of the poster are the flags of the Czech Republic and Ukraine, Radio Svoboda reported.

Minister of the Interior Vit Rakusan posted the photo on Twitter.

“We know who is our friend – the one who sheds his blood for our freedom. We also know who is our enemy and we will not allow him to steal our idea of ​​patriotism and our flag,” the minister wrote. Rakušan also posted a link to a video calling for the Czech national flag not to be allowed to become a symbol of the Russian fifth column.

On October 28, the Czech Republic celebrated its national holiday – Czechoslovakia Day. The Czechoslovak Republic was proclaimed on October 28, 1918, following the defeat of Austria-Hungary in the First World War. An anti-government rally was held in Prague on Friday, the organization of which the authorities blame structures linked to Russia. According to the police, tens of thousands took part in the demonstration.

Among the demands of the “Czech Republic First” movement, in addition to the resignation of the government, is a refusal to help Ukraine and to negotiate with Russia for cheap gas. The movement, which unites far-right and far-left politicians and activists, has so far held two such rallies in Prague. Critics of the movement accuse him of trading in fear, and on October 30 there will be a rally in solidarity with Ukraine in Prague.

Opponents of the government define themselves as patriots and actively use the Czech national flag.


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