The crown is heavy! Scandalous video with half-naked daughter-in-law of Charl…

A forgotten scandal is gaining momentum again at Buckingham Palace. The culprit for the new round of instability is the streaming service Netflix, which reminded of a “terrible” story from the perspective of the royal family, writes

So, in one of the episodes of the TV series “The Crown” the topic of the “toe-sucking” scandal, in which the former daughter-in-law of Charles III, Sarah Ferguson, was once involved, was raised.

The incident happened in 1996, when the brother of the current king of Great Britain Prince Andrew and his wife Sarah Ferguson decided to divorce.

Against this background, the woman was photographed in the company of her lover, financial consultant John Bryan, in a villa in Saint Tropez.

The paparazzi filmed John kissing and sucking Sarah’s toes as she tanned topless.

Ferguson’s young daughters, 4-year-old Princess Beatrice and 2-year-old Princess Eugenie, watched the couple’s joy.

After the hot footage became known to British subjects, a real scandal broke out in the royal family, and Sarah’s relationship with the royal family deteriorated forever.

By the way, financial consultant John Bryan himself has already commented on the episode of the series. According to him, he is flattered that his name and the story that happened to him exploded in front of an audience of millions.

At the same time, he called the facts on which the plot of the series is based a lie, reports


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