The conflict in Ukraine is about to escalate

The conflict in Ukraine is expected to escalate by the end of the month. It is good in this situation that we also start looking for opportunities and that we protect our sovereignty. So Professor Doctor Colonel Dimitar Nedyalkov, fighter pilot, historian and analyst from the Military Academy “G. S. Rakovsky”, commented on the Russian missile strikes against Kyiv, which according to Moscow were a response to the explosion of the Crimean bridge.

“My opinion is that only the Ukrainian secret services cannot conduct such an operation. War, which is the permanent state of the world since the existence of human civilization, does not have a day of peace. This is a historical fact. Every single war of such a scale has its own logic , on which it develops. Bringing such actions into practice – there will always be a reciprocal result,” he emphasized.

According to him, it may turn out that the war is actually starting now.

“According to world analysts, an escalation of the conflict is expected by the end of the month and in the next month. Namely, expansion of the perimeter of hostilities, of their intensity. As of today, there is also an indirect involvement of other countries in the conflict itself – airspace, increasing efforts of neighboring countries in terms of military presence in the region. Because a distance of 50-60 kilometers from its own territory is also a threat to the respective country. Increasing NATO’s efforts to protect its borders. The situation is escalating and it is good in this situation for us to start looking for opportunities and for us to protect our sovereignty”, stressed Professor Nedyalkov to NOVA.


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