The cloud, an essential growth vector for ESNs and ICTs

On the digital market in France, cloud computing continues to be a priority in 2022 for ESN and ICT teams.

In the fifth edition of the annual “Grand Angle ESN et ICT 2022” barometer, KPMG France and Numeum point out that digital services and technology consulting companies experienced “record” growth in 2021.

The turnover of ESN and ICT, all sizes combined, increased by an average of 12% last year in a post-Covid context conducive to upheavals in the digital strategy.

Cloud computing takes first place among the most promising topics (30%), ahead of digital transformation consulting (17%) and cybersecurity (15%).

A very gradual increase in power

The rise of the cloud is a phenomenon installed in the landscape that will not stop tomorrow.

While most IT managers see the cloud as a way to optimize IT, today’s IT environments are still very much on-premises.

Indeed, migration takes time and requires the deployment of significant resources. Some aspects are not treated lightly, such as cost control, safety and the shortage of skilled labour.

In fact, given that a small handful of companies can boast of being 100% cloud, this sector will still occupy ESNs and ICTs for a while.

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