The champion is dethroned: Slovenia and Doncic bid farewell to EuroBasket

The champion is dethroned – Slovenia will not be able to defend its title from the European Basketball Championship.

In one of the surprises not only of the current championship, but also of the last few years, Poland defeated the Slovenians with 90:87 and for the first time in 51 years reached the semifinals of EuroBasket.

Led by Luka Doncic – the best European basketball player and one of the best in the world, the Slovenians were considered a definite favorite for the top 4, and after the elimination of Serbia and Greece, the favorite for the title.

But today was not Doncic’s day. Visibly very tired and aching all over from the tough championship so far, he didn’t produce the production everyone was hoping for.

He scored a modest 14 points for him, showed a lot of nerves, wasted an awful lot of energy in unnecessary arguments, and three minutes before the end, when Slovenia was fighting for a turnaround, Doncic naively committed his fifth foul, which took him out of the game.

And Slovenia’s cause largely looked doomed at halftime when Poland pulled away with a 19-point lead at 58:39.

However, Doncic and company showed who is the reigning champion and played an incredible third period, which they won 24:6 and narrowed the gap to just one point before the start of the final period.

In it, Slovenia even led by four points at one point, but in the end Poland won the game, and Doncic’s exit from the game in the last three minutes undoubtedly had its impact.

Thus, after 1971, Poland is again part of the top 4 of EuroBasket, and on their way to the final stands the team of France.

The Roosters were part of a breathtaking classic that saw them beat Italy 93-85 in overtime.

A game that ended in a tie 77:77 in regular time, as seconds before the end Italy had a lead of two points, and for two shots from the penalty line stood Simone Fontecchio.

The Squadra Azzurri’s top scorer became the culprit at that moment as he missed both shots, and France scored on the counterattack to send the game into extra time, which they won.

Thus, the top 4 of EuroBasket is clear, as the matches Germany – Spain and Poland – France will determine the final.

Photo: AR/BTA

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