The Bulgarian model who made the dream of countless men come true by embracing Irina Shayk

Model Ivel Yordanov, known in our country as the first runner-up in the 2015 “Mr. Sofia” contest, who currently works in the oil trade in Geneva, returned, albeit briefly, to the style industry during this year’s Fashion Week in Milan. This time, however, he was not a participant in one of the many glamorous parades of the five-day event, which has now ended, but a spectator.

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The twenty-eight-year-old Bulgarian attended a Giorgio Armani fashion show, where he took his place in the first row in front of the podium at the invitation of a woman close to the designer’s family. At the end of the event, the host takes a picture with each of his special guests. So the two stood face to face, and Ivel said about their meeting that he was fascinated by the fashion designer. The native of Tarnovo also revealed that in his short conversation with the Italian billionaire, he managed to congratulate him on the fantastic collection of clothes that he had previously presented.

No less exciting was the acquaintance of the boyar with the world top model Irina Sheikh, especially since in the past he advertised the underwear brand of her ex-partner Cristiano Ronaldo. They met her at the Armani Hotel, located in the heart of the Lombard capital, where they talked while eating.

Yvel and Giorgio Armani

Photo: Official Instagram account

“Tshe really is such an attractive woman that it’s hard to take your eyes off her. At the end of lunch, we took a picture together“, Ivel said from the venue, adding that the Russian woman is just as radiant and smiling as she is beautiful.

Among the other invitations to Yordanov’s fashion show is the golden pass for the Dolce & Gabanna gala, which also gathers the cream of world show business. But because he had to change his schedule, he made an interesting and fun decision.

In the end, I gave my invitation to an unknown boy from the street, who was very happy“, says Yordanov.

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