The Brazilian heiress who lied to her mother and stole $142 million from her

This is a story that proves how far greed can go.

On August 10 of this year, the police finally managed to capture Sabine Bogichi on charges that she managed to steal over 140 thousand dollars from her own mother.

The money was not taken in cash, but in the form of valuable works of art and expensive jewelry.

It takes Sabine two years to figure it all out, not without the help of a fake psychic.

It all started in January 2020, when Sabine’s mother – Genevieve Bogici – walked out of a bank in Rio de Janeiro near Copacabana Beach.

Genevieve inherited her fortune from her late husband, Jean, who was an art collector. Right in front of the bank, the woman is met by a psychic who talks to her.

It will later become clear that the psychic was hired by her daughter Sabine to start a massive scam. The fortuneteller tells Genevieve that she needs “spiritual therapy” after her husband’s death, especially given that she is already a venerable 82 years old.

Therefore, the psychic accompanies the widow to her apartment and there performs a strange, supposedly mystical ritual. He throws some seashells into a bowl and declares that the prediction is almost fatal, and if she does not transfer $980,000 to his account immediately, a dire fate will befall her.

Sabine knows perfectly well that her mother is fascinated by the supernatural, and begins to exploit this passion of hers.

Soon after the deception begins, the daughter uses other tactics, such as isolating her mother from friends and acquaintances.

Sabine does not allow her mother to talk on the phone and forbids her to go out on the grounds that she needs to protect herself from the coronavirus. For the same reason, the daughter dismisses all the domestic servants and allows no one but the supposed psychic to visit the apartment.

At the same time, the fortuneteller managed to convince Genevieve to part with a number of valuables and works of art under the pretext that they bring negative energy into the home. He and his acquaintances, again pretending to be psychics, freely take out paintings, statuettes and expensive jewelry, explaining that they are “cursed”.

However, Genevieve turns out to be not so fooled, and fears that she is the victim of an insidious deception grow. They are also confirmed by the increasingly aggressive behavior of Sabine, who forbids her mother to eat large portions of food and even once puts a knife to her throat.

Before contacting the police, Genvieve made a total of 40 bank transfers and allowed a number of jewels to be stolen from her.

Sabin and her accomplices exported 16 paintings and managed to sell them almost immediately to private galleries and collections.

One of the buyers says he did not suspect anything wrong because he knew the late Jean Bogici personally and did not believe his daughter was capable of a crime. In the middle of 2021, Genviev still managed to contact the police and tell about what was happening.

In her testimony, she also explains that Sabin apparently has a more special relationship with the “main” psychic who met her in front of the bank. In addition, the elderly woman testified that her daughter had always struggled with psychological problems and outbursts of aggression.

Genevieve also wonders why her daughter resorted to such deception, since she is the only legal heir to the paintings and valuables left by her father Jean.

Finally, it comes to the absurd capture of Sabine, who had hidden some of the paintings and jewelry under the bed in her own apartment, and when she heard the police knocking on her door, she tried to escape through the window.

The story has a relatively happy ending because all the artworks were found preserved and intact.


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