The Bosch Series 8 DWK98PR60 extractor hood plays it automatically

Anyone who has ever used a poor quality extractor hood knows how loud these appliances can be. For several years now, manufacturers have sought to reduce noise pollution as much as possible, Falmec in particular having made a specialty of very silent hoods. We have to believe that with the Series 8 DWK98PR60, Bosch wants to compete with the Italian since it announces a sound level of 55 dB (A) at maximum power, if it is installed in evacuation mode. For comparison, it is estimated that a normal conversation reaches 60 dB(A). To achieve such a result, the manufacturer has abandoned the classic electric motor in favor of a so-called “brushless” motor presented as quieter, stronger and more energy efficient than a classic electric motor. Of course, other elements make it possible to limit noise, such as a studied air path and specially chosen materials.

But this discretion is not the only advantage of the very sophisticated 8 Series DWK98PR60 90 cm wide. Its maximum suction capacity is 468 m³/h in evacuation mode and 378 m³/h in recycling mode, which is sufficient for a kitchen with an area between 15 and 19 m². Indeed, to simplify its use, it is able to analyze the air sucked in and adapt the power according to the data collected; the more the air is stale, the greater the volumes treated will be in order to purify the atmosphere quickly (PerfectAir system). In the same vein, it is possible to connect the hood to a compatible hob, of the same brand of course. The suction power then adapts to the power of the inductors, without any action on the part of the user (CookConnect technology). Of course, the Series 8 DWK98PR60 also has a completely classic panel on the front, made up of sensitive keys for manual settings.

If the latter were not enough, it is possible to pair the hood to a smartphone equipped with the Home Connect application to control it remotely. So you can activate the different automatic modes but also easily reach the after-sales service or even order consumables such as carbon filters responsible for retaining odors.

The Bosch Series 8 DWK98PR60 extractor hood is already available. It will however be necessary to offload 1699 € to afford it. It is perhaps better to wait for Santa’s gifts before cracking.

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