The big ax also fell on CSKA! Do Kasai and the train driver care – BG Football

CSKA became the next Bulgarian team that was damaged by the referees during a match in Europe. Before that, Levski and Ludogorets suffered from the referees.
This time, Croatian referee Duje Strukan did not award a clean penalty to CSKA for an apparent handball in the penalty area by a Basel player. In this way, he deprived the “Reds” of a possible second goal and securing a comfortable lead ahead of the looming very tough second leg in Switzerland.

The goal is not to cover up the shortcomings of the Bulgarian teams by focusing on the refereeing. However, we cannot close our eyes and lightly accept injustice.

Just like the chairman of the SC of the BFS Viktor Kasai and his deputy Kotse Gerginov do. Substitute for a book because he might as well be a train driver. Does anyone know what is going on in all this mess.

It is very surprising if both of them even care that the referees are doing everything possible to prevent the Bulgarian teams from prospering in Europe. Maybe they didn’t understand because they don’t watch the matches.

Kasai was hired because of his name and authority. Once again, it became clear that his appointment did not lead to anything good. What have you done so far? Did he draw up a report, pull out the many refereeing errors to inform UEFA? How has the judiciary in Bulgaria improved?

There is no way to improve. How can it be that Kasai has given himself to remote work. Conference connections and calls to shake. It has gotten to the point that during such conversations some of the Bulgarian referees join in from restaurants and cafes. Guess how many are listening to him and paying attention? How many live matches does Kasai watch? Maybe he did it a few times in the beginning to make a good impression and we haven’t seen him since.

He stands idly and watches the seir. The fat salary, however, must be taken regularly…

With his previous work, Kasai has clearly shown that he is not beneficial to Bulgarian football?

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