The BFS Referee Commission is playing with fire with the appointment of Loko Pd – CSKA – efbet League

The Referee Commission at the BFS announced that Valentin Zhelezov will be the head referee of the postponed match of the seventh round of the efbet League between Lokomotiv Plovdiv and CSKA. The match is on Tuesday at 17:15.

It is curious to recall that a year and a half ago, Zhelezov came into the epicenter of attention with his 53 convicted violations precisely in a match between CSKA and Lokomotiv Plovdiv, but this time for “Bulgarian Army”.

For these 53 violations that he marked, Zhelezov showed only 6 yellow cards. Lokomotiv Plovdiv committed 29 fouls and CSKA – 24.

Another curious detail is that just a few weeks ago Levski announced that they no longer wanted Valentin Zhelezov to play matches for the team. A specific reason for this was the referee’s decision to recognize a winning goal of Lokomotiv Sofia for 3:2 in the 90th minute of the derby against the “blues”, although in the construction of the goal attack of the “railway players” a player from the team played with his hand.

After that, Zhelezov was suspended and did not find a place in the efbet Liga outfits for several weeks. He returned with the match between Beroe and Ludogorets, where his judgments also caused some controversy.

Davidov plays Black Sea – Levski, Zhelezov plays Loko Pd – CSKA

And CSKA demanded the resignation of Viktor Kashai

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