The bar is by the sea and football is everywhere. Uninhibited

The season is such that the bar is often next to the sea, and the sea is next to the bar. But one thing is certain.

Football is everywhere, and not only in the summer, it is unrestricted. Especially in the series of the same name, where Borislav Orlinov shows skills with the ball, meets you with interesting characters, offers you rewards…

Why does everything start from small, local clubs, such as Strandzhanets (Tsarevo). One of the leading players joins the episode doing what he does best – playing football, of course.

You will see attempts to take down pyramids at a souvenir stand by the sea, how a bartender shows “aerobatics” but does not let the ball fall on the sand. And the nail – a girl who “hides the ball” with skills like “Neymar”.

All this – in episode #1 of season #2 of the series and the site for casino and sports betting with a name “Soccer without inhibitions”. And not only that, of course.

Our hero is Borislav Orlinov – a sports journalist, but also a player who passed through Montana. As a footballer, he got the opportunity to be a part of the Nike Academy, but suffered a knee injury a week before going abroad.

“Then I played in the Third League, supposedly until I fully recovered from the injury. But the mediocrity there directed me to another area. I could not accept that I would not be the best”.

That’s how he started to deal with journalism, and finally he found the perfect combination between the things he was doing at the moment – “Football without inhibitions”.

He was one of the faces of the Italian Serie A in Bulgaria and the author’s talk show “Break Point”. He has worked in Channel 3 as a reporter and news anchor, as well as in a number of online media outlets. He is the author of the film “Unbreakable” about the best Bulgarian soccer player Evdokia Popadinova and was a TEDx speaker on the topic: “The magic of sports: getting to know a person in 10 minutes.”

He became passionate about football thanks to his beloved Arsenal, and he learned his first freestyle tricks from the Internet when he was in the 5th grade. It all started thanks to his desire to improve his shooting accuracy as a striker.

Familiar “tricks” are back, worth trying to repeat. If you show off your enviable ball control, you could win one of the weekly prizes as long as you’re part of the Facebook group at “Soccer without inhibitions”.

Share your experiences with a hashtag #futbolbezbarki and #sesame on the Facebook pages of the brand, because one of the funniest videos will receive a prize – a voucher worth BGN 100 for sports goods.

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