The article in “Die Welt” about the export to Ukraine is an admission of crime

I have not received an invitation to be part of the next office, but if I do – I will accept

The article in Die Welt, which describes how Bulgaria secretly exported weapons to Ukraine, is actually an admission of a crime. Kiril Petkov’s cabinet has deliberately devised a scheme to circumvent a decision of the National Assembly that prohibits exports to Ukraine. This was commented by the Minister of Economy, Nikola Stoyanov.

“Whether there was a secret export of arms, I cannot say. Now as the chairman of the interdepartmental commission that gives permission for exports, I can say that there is no way that anything could happen without the chairman knowing. If there are any secret arrangements , surely the previous chairman could not have known,” Stoyanov was categorical. (The chairman of the commission is the Minister of Economy – note ed.)

When Stoyanov intervened in August, there were 255 pending arms export deals worth BGN 1 billion that had to be approved. Stoyanov gave permission for most of them. “There was quite a lot for Poland. According to documents, in 2021 there were exports to Poland for BGN 12 million.” For 2022 – in three months – from February 2022, when the war in Ukraine began, to July, there were 2 times more approved deals for Poland than in the next three months – from August, when Stoyanov intervened. With him, there were also many extensions of old contracts from the previous period.

I have not received an invitation to be part of the next official cabinet, said the acting Minister of Economy and Industry Nikola Stoyanov during the report on the activities of the department he leads.

No talks have been held with President Rumen Radev, but if he receives an invitation to be a minister in the next caretaker government and the conversation with the head of state is positive, Nikola Stoyanov will accept.


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