The army of Ukraine broke through the Russian defense in Kherson as well

It appears that the bulk of Russian combat units are located along the contact line itself and will hardly be able to be used in rapid succession to reinforce the defenses in other parts without compromising the integrity of the defense. An additional aggravating circumstance for Kremlin forces in the Kherson region is the lack of effective communications, which is currently causing some units to preemptively withdraw for fear of being surrounded, Ukrainian frontline bloggers claim.

The Ukrainian sources also add that their army has already overcome the defense near Dudchani and continues to move south towards the village of Milove, where the next water barrier and bridge is located, which can be blown up by the occupiers. Information from Russian sources in the last hour also confirms the fall of this first line of defense. So, if the Russians fail to organize a more serious defense in this direction, the army of Kyiv may soon reach even the Berislav area and the strategic dam at Nova Kakhovka. Such a development of the situation could soon put all of Putin’s troops in the northern part of the Kherson region in an operational environment. And what’s worse for them is that they can’t withdraw like the eastern battle group near Izyum, because the area is full of rivers and the key bridges along them are partially or completely destroyed.

A new retreat is looming in Lugansk as well

Bad news for Putin continues to come from the eastern front as well, which is already moving from Kharkiv to Luhansk region. Having captured the strategic railway hub Liman and the region around it, the Ukrainian army initially turned to the next key objective – Kremina. However, instead of getting bogged down in a siege and bloody urban battles, it seems that for now it will prefer to bypass the strategic village and head north to the infrastructure node of Svatovo, which plays the role of an improvised base for the Russians after the retreat. An offensive towards it goes in at least two more directions – from the settlements of Kupyansk and Borova along the Oskol River, which 1-2 weeks ago was considered as Moscow’s next possible line of defense in the region.

Russian military analysts also believe that the Ukrainian army will most likely prefer to attack Svatovo and then move east to Starobilsk. In this way, it will cut off all the logistics of the Luhansk region from the Russian regions of Belgorod and Voronezh to the north. From there, the Ukrainian troops could possibly even try to directly attack from the north and Luhansk – the capital of the so-called. Luhansk People’s Republic (LPR). The expectation in Kyiv is that in the eventual capture of the megacities of Donetsk and/or Luhansk, the Russian occupation forces in the country will fall into total chaos and completely lose their ability to fight.

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