The Apple Watch Ultra is now a dive computer with the Oceanic+ app

If the Apple Watch Ultra is presented as an outdoor multisport watch designed to withstand committed practices, it is also qualified by Apple as a dive computer – for recreational dives up to 40 m, specifies the firm. A characteristic provided not only by its reinforced watertightness (WR100), but also and above all by its EN13319 certification and its Oceanic+ application. Developed by Huish Outdoors, a company specializing in diving, the latter was long overdue, but finally arrives today on the App Store.

Thanks to Oceanic+, the Apple Watch Ultra no longer just displays the depth and duration of the dive as well as the water temperature as the “Depth” app installed by default does. It makes it possible to plan dives according to the parameters of tide, currents and any additional information that the community would have brought. It also behaves like a dive computer and monitors the dive and ascent speed by issuing alerts, without forgetting of course to calculate the famous decompression stops (Bühlmann algorithm).

Claimed simplicity

Huish Outdoors highlights the great simplicity of its application which uses the particularities of the Apple Watch Ultra to reduce handling as much as possible. It thus uses the rotating crown of the watch to change the screen, as well as its action button to mark landmarks, for example.

Rather than sound alerts, the app triggers a series of vibrations which have the advantage of being better identifiable by the wearer of the watch, unlike alarm sounds which can be perceived by several divers at the same time, explains Andrea Silvestri , Vice President of Product Development and Design of Huish Outdoors.

The dive data is synthesized in the form of a report with GPS coordinates of the entry and exit points. An automatic synchronization with the iPhone and the cloud is also carried out.

One subscription to access all features

While the Oceanic+ app is free to download from the Apple App Store and can be used with a free profile, its advanced features are reserved for subscribers. Billed at €5.99 per day, €10.49 per month or €90.99 per year (€134.99/year in family sharing), the Oceanic+ subscription thus gives access to monitoring of decompression and saturation tissue, to the position planner and unlocks the number of log records. Official (3-day forecast) and community weather conditions are also reserved for subscribers.

An original principle, thus transforming the Apple Watch Ultra into a subscription dive computer. We will try to analyze in more depth the skills of the watch with its Oceanic+ app during a real diving session, in order to check if the game is worth the candle.

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