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One of the leaders of Sector G, Rosen Petrov-Zivotnoto, published several comments in response to what CSKA wrote today, with which the club explained the phrase “not at any cost”. He advises the management to “delete this stupidity”, because if the fans talk, the management and GG will not only leave, but also “they will go to the arrests”.

The CSKA fan also alludes to things that happened around the Bulgarian Cup final against Montana in 2016.

Here are Rosen Petrov’s comments on CSKA’s official Facebook page, which we publish without editorial intervention:

His post at CSKA

“Hahahahahahahaha they didn’t cross the border ahahahahahahahahaha better delete this stupidity that if we are talking to the management and that in particular to Mr. will not only leave, but they will go to the arrests. When did you become a tinkerer, when did you blacken your ass.”

source: Facebook

Two posts to a fan of the “Reds”

“Are you sure that a cup was not bought by them, where they are now explaining that it was not at any price. Hey, they probably have a short memory and have forgotten some details about the match with Montana, one day they might we had to remind them somewhere else.”

“I’m asking you, are you sure we didn’t buy????????????”

The answer to a question from a fan of the “reds”

“If I were the owner I would say no, if the others didn’t do it I would also say no, if I knew that gg didn’t do it I would still say no, but those hypocrites who have bought and fixed matches for years even and against CSKA to write me such pasquils are nice.”

Rosen Petrov The animal

source: Facebook

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