The actress Violeta Doneva was found dead, there are traces of violence on her body

The popular actress Violeta Doneva was found dead in her apartment in the capital’s “Iztok” quarter a few days ago. During the initial examination, forensic experts found that the body of the 79-year-old woman had traces of violence, the Metropolitan Police Directorate informed Dir.bg.

The report was made on tel. 112 on October 22, Saturday, and the same day the Sofia City Prosecutor’s Office was also notified.

A pre-trial proceeding has been initiated on the case, with the spokesperson of the SGP prosecutor Desislava Petrova explaining that the supervising prosecutor has forbidden the release of more information at the moment.

According to unofficial data, the body of Violeta Doneva was found after the elderly actress did not answer phone calls for several days, and neighbors did not notice her leaving her apartment. The door of the apartment had to be broken down.

Numerous examinations have been appointed, the work of the investigators continues.

Violeta Kirilova Doneva was born on September 7, 1943 in Petrich. In 1966, he graduated from VITIZ with a major in acting. Her first husband was Lyudmil Staykov, who also directed the film “Love”, which turned Doneva into a legend. Based on the novel “Love” by Alexander Karasimeonov, Stefan Danailov stars in the film of the beautiful Violetta.

Doneva and Staykov had one son, and later divorced. The actress married for the second time to the basketball player Atanas Gruncharov.

He worked the longest in the Military Theater – from 1967 to 1993, and then in the municipal theater “Vazrazhdane” and Theater 199. From 2008 to 2010, he was the director of the “Vazrazhdane” Theater.

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