The accident was my fault, I didn’t leave room –

Lewis Hamilton; photo: Mercedes

Lewis Hamilton dropped out at the very start of Belgian Grand Prix, after colliding with Fernando Alonso. He was alone for a while, walking back to the paddock. He then faced the cameras and almost the first question was whether he had left enough room for the Alpin driver.

“No,” Hamilton replied. “He was in my blind spot. I went through the record, I left no room for him. The accident today was my fault. I didn’t see it, it’s my fault,” added the seven-time world champion.

It’s Hamilton’s first drop of the 2022 season. He also commented on his rival’s outburst on the radio after being told that Fernando had called him an “idiot” and was extremely upset because he had ruined his “mega start, but he only knows how to drive if he starts first”.

“I have no answer to that. I know what it feels like in such tense moments. But it’s good to know how he feels about me. Like I said, it wasn’t intentional and I take responsibility for the crash. That’s what adults do,” Hamilton said.

He was then asked if he would discuss what happened with his former teammate.

“I would until I heard what he said,” replied the Englishman.

“It’s a shame, but this is motorsport. I did my best. I tried to overtake on the outside of turn five. I didn’t leave enough room and paid the price. It wasn’t on purpose, it just happened.”

The stewards looked into the situation between Hamilton and Alonso and took no further action on the matter

“Alonso was on the inside of turn five. Hamilton’s front wheels were ahead of Alonso’s entering the corner. Alonso moved his car off-track to the inside and both of his right tires were completely on the curb, even slightly over the curb. At no point does it look like it’s losing control or skidding because of a shaky front end. Hamilton turned towards the apex of the curve, Alonso was still next to him and they collided. According to the stewards, this is a first round incident where there is a lot of car movement in the first few corners and there will be no further action,” the decision said.

Hamilton was subsequently cautioned for refusing to go to the medical centre. This is a must after hit. Lewis only went to the doctors after the flight director called Mercedes that there would be more serious consequences if he didn’t.

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