That is why the decision on Levski – BG Football – efbet League is delayed

There is one more reason, besides Levski’s complaint, that a final decision has not yet been made regarding the incident of September 18, when at the match with CSKA, a person from the staff of the “reds” was injured after throwing a bomb from a sector with “blue” fans.

And it is the lack of a medical certificate for the injury of the physiotherapist Ivan Hristov, reports 24 hours. Initially, the team from “Gerena” was punished with a match without an audience, and the sanction is for the match against Botev (Plovdiv) on October 8.

Levski reacted angrily with a declaration. The “Blues” appealed to their fans to fill the stands at the “Georgi Asparuhov” stadium despite the penalty.

The appeals committee ruled on the case on Friday. It still met on Friday and decided that there would be another meeting on Monday.

“We have received an appeal from Levski against the decision of the disciplinary committee, which was examined. We have read the evidence presented. We have listened to the delegate of the match between Levski and CSKA Hristo Botev. We consider the appeal admissible.

We postpone the decision-making until October 3, inviting a representative of Levski, Mr. Botev and CSKA’s physiotherapist Ivan Hristov for a hearing. The final decision will be made on Monday”, stated the chairman of the appeal commission Valeri Apostolov.

It is expected to be clear whether a medical will be presented for the physical therapist’s injury at Monday’s hearing.

CSKA noted that Levski showed no interest in whether everything with Ivan Hristov is okay. The Reds have warned that a dangerous precedent could be set if the Blues’ punishment is reduced.

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