Test Nutcase Street Mips bike helmet: to each his own style!

Design & Ergonomics

From a structural point of view, the Nutcase Street is quite simple. It takes the form of a so-called “bowl” helmet with a smooth surface. This now classic shape is offset by the presence of more than 30 variations and colors, including this watermelon imitation that we tested. The Nutcase bicycle helmet consists of an ABS shell covering an expanded polystyrene structure. Overall, the finishes are beyond reproach. With 531 grams in size M, the Street Mips is not the lightest of helmets, however.

It covers the head well and is quite comfortable. Its inner surface is lined with foam strips that do a good job of improving contact with the skull. These foams come off to be washed, which is a good thing.

It must be said that despite its 10 openings, the Street Mips quickly keeps your head warm. A helmet which will therefore not be too suitable for the summer, but which will find much more meaning in the winter. The openings are not protected by insect nets and the two holes in the front can turn into a trap quite easily. The openings on the top are small enough to ride a bit in the rain without getting your head soaked.

As often, the occipital adjustment of the helmet is done thanks to a wheel which more or less serves the skull. A simple and effective system. Riders with long hair will find room to run a ponytail over the dial.

The chin strap is also easy to adjust. It buckles with a magnetic Fidlock system. The adjustment of the strap may cause the buckle to not be centered under the chin, which may prove awkward for some. An inconvenience which is unfortunately not compensated by a small protective foam.

A removable visor is provided by Nutcase to limit the effects of the sun which sometimes passes over the glasses. It also keeps the runoff of any rain away from the face.

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