Tesla: a union denounces the working conditions in the only production plant in Europe

Tesla in the sights of a German union. IG Metall, which represents workers in the metallurgical industry, denounced during a press conference relayed by Reutersthe working conditions of the employees of the American firm within the mega-factory of Brandenburg, near Berlin.

First Tesla factory in Europe

The Berlin-Brandenburg Gigafactory hosts the “Tesla’s first production site in Europe.” It is “our most advanced, durable and efficient plant to date“, says the American manufacturer on its site. A vision that differs from that of IG Metall. A growing number of factory workers reportedly reported ever-longer working hours, and consequently less free time, according to the workers’ rights organisation. In addition, the workers are afraid to express themselves on the situation, for fear of the non-disclosure agreements they were asked to sign when they were hired.

Workers’ fears have recently heightened, after Tesla publicly opened up about a “security intelligence investigator“, whose mission will be to “gather information from the field, inside and outside the walls of Tesla, in order to protect the company against threats.

Early enthusiasm wanes, says union official

Tesla is not doing enough to improve working conditions and leaving too little time for leisure, family and recovery. Workers started at Tesla with great enthusiasm for the project. Over time, we observe that this enthusiasm wanes“, thus lamented Irene Schulz, of the IG Metall Berlin-Brandenburg-Sachsen, in a press release relayed by Reuters.

A concern shared by several local politicians, on the left and on the right. “Brandenburg state government to enforce occupational safety through tight controls at Tesla“, called Christian Baeumler, of the Christian Democratic Party (CDU), relayed by the German daily Handelsblatt.

Contacted by our colleagues, Tesla has not yet reacted publicly to the case.

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