Terraillon Power Massager, a scale that massages by electrostimulation

Behind its appearance as a simple bathroom scale, the Terraillon Power Massager hides an electrostimulation device. Something to relieve heavy legs and activate blood circulation, according to the manufacturer.

Very present on the scales market with in particular its Master Form, Master Fit and Master Coach, the French manufacturer Terraillon also offers electrostimulation devices. Its new Power Massager product is positioned in these two worlds and above all aims for well-being.

With its Power Massager, Terraillon is aimed in particular at those who suffer from feelings of heavy legs. A phenomenon caused by venous insufficiency in the lower limbs, resulting in difficulty in bringing blood back to the heart. Although it is recommended to consult a doctor to obtain a diagnosis and then appropriate treatments if necessary, additional technical solutions also exist to relieve the legs.

The Terraillon Power Massager is therefore one of those non-medical devices that aim to improve well-being. To do this, he uses electrical muscle stimulation (EMS). According to the manufacturer, a slight electrical current is sent to the muscles “for rehabilitation purposes”, as well as to the nerves in order to alleviate the pain. Six 15-minute massage programs are available, adjustable to 15 intensity levels: finger pressure, hand effect massage, tapping massage, palm effect massage, kneading massage, multimode. The Power Massager is also indicated for recovery after physical exertion.

The scale function is intended for its classic part and works up to 180 kg. The device is equipped with a battery that recharges in 2 hours via USB, according to Terraillon.

The Terraillon Power Massager will be marketed from August 13, 2022 at the indicative public price of €80.

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