Terminator, Super Mario, scary clowns and Guardiola’s sexy daughter

Halloween 2022 – and this year the sports stars did not disappoint with their costumes.

The world of football is already in pre-kick-off fever ahead of the first ever winter World Cup, but even the players of the top teams found time to let loose on Halloween.

Sergio Ramos and Pilar Rubio were among the best costume winners this year

Jesse Rodriguez and his wife with “scary” face art

Pep Guardiola’s daughter – Maria, decided to be a sexy schoolgirl

Mario Goetze, on the other hand, appeared as Super Mario in a great costume identical to his son’s

Erling Holland settled for a robot photo collage. His 22 goals in the first 16 games for Manchester City is truly inhuman.

Gerard Pique’s ex-partner, Shakira, changed several costumes to please her children

Casemiro’s family celebrates together

NBA player Devin Booker’s half Kendall Jenner has decided on Woody from Toy Game

Calvin Phillips tried to scare his Manchester City team-mates and on several occasions he succeeded quite well

Patrice Evra had gone to great lengths with his Batman suit, even finding a Batmobile

“The most beautiful soccer player” Ana Maria Markovic

"I woke up with his hand in my pants": How a Brazilian coach was sentenced to 109 years in prison for rape and molestation


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