Telecommuting: how to choose a desktop PC and a monitor that are really adapted to your uses

The end-of-year celebrations are rich in opportunities to change computer equipment at a lower cost. Swapping an aging desktop computer for a gleaming all-in-one or a micro-PC with astonishing performance has never been so accessible, especially at MSI, which offers a fine range of desktop PCs and monitors suitable for all needs and all scholarships.

The wealth of ranges from different manufacturers makes choosing a PC really complex. To sort effectively, we must decipher their characteristics to identify those that best suit our needs, our desires and our work environment. Here are the factors to take into account to choose a new desktop PC without making mistakes.

Identify your needs precisely

The use determines the type of machine to which you turn. Work, play or a little of both, the answer to this question directs you to a range of components. A PC cut for office automation is unable to support you for video editing, gaming or data analysis. If your machine is only used to check your e-mails, browse the Internet and work with the suite Office, an entry-level processor with integrated graphics chip and 8 GB of RAM are more than enough. This type of configuration directs you to the all-in-one or compact models. If you plan to use resource-intensive applications, a latest generation processor, a dedicated graphics card and 32 GB of RAM are essential.

MSI offers complete lines of desktop PCs and monitors suitable for remote working.


Space and budget

The fact that you have a real office or a living room corner further narrows the choice. In the first case, the format does not matter, while in the second case, all-in-ones and compacts prove to be the most reasonable option. For the latter, their minimalist format does not prevent good performance. The last criterion is the budget. By crossing the three parameters: use, space and budget, you define a perimeter guaranteeing a judicious choice.

Despite aesthetic and practical advantages (absence of cables, components integrated into the back of the screen, wireless keyboard and mouse), all-in-ones cannot compete with a desktop PC.

If you already have a screen, the mini-PC is obvious. Finally, if you are looking for maximum performance, a tower form factor is a good option. It offers interesting hardware upgrade potential. In detail, here are the products offered by MSI, the Taiwanese manufacturer.

A woman telecommutes with a compact desktop PC and two MSI monitors on her desk, lifestyle visual

MSI’s compact desktop PCs meet most professional and consumer uses.


All-in-one: Modern AM242TP11M

This configuration will make your life easier. Just plug in the power cord (and maybe the network cable) and you’re done. The Modern AM242TP11M combines energy sobriety and decent performance. It supports 11th generation Intel Core i5 and i7 processors and accepts DDR4 memory up to 64 GB. Its 23.6-inch (59.4 cm) panel offers Full HD resolution and embeds anti-flickering technologies, anti-reflective and blue light emission reduction. MSI thus guarantees the absence of eye fatigue. This model is found at an attractive price at LDLC.

Compact PCs: from the smallest to the most powerful

the Cubi 5 10M hold in hand! But, it houses a 10th generation Core i7 processor, a WiFi 6 chip and a USB 3.2 Type-C port. A screwdriver is enough to access its M.2 slot to install a flash memory storage unit (SSD), its 2.5-inch bay to integrate a hard disk as well as its two memory slots which accept a maximum of 32 GB.

Need more performance and scalability? the Pro DP20Z should hold your attention. It is based on the AMD Ryzen 7 processor which contains a Vega 8 graphics processor, it has WiFi 6, a USB 3.2 port and several M.2 and 2.5 ” storage slots. The Pro DP20Z handles 4K display and can be connected to three monitors simultaneously. To process large volumes of data, the Pro DP21 12M swaps graphics power for a high-performance processor (12th generation Intel Core i7) and has the same WiFi characteristics and upgrade possibilities as its cousins.

Are you looking for the ideal compromise? the Pro DP130 12th should meet your expectations. It relies on a 12th generation Intel Core i7 processor and an nVidia GeForce GTX 1650 graphics card. This duo allows it to handle heavy graphics tasks, and even run some recent video games. The Cubi 5 10M and Pro DP20Z are available for purchase at Shopping street.

An office dedicated to teleworking with two MSI monitors and a micro-PC from the brand, visual lifestyle

Full HD or WQHD definition, adjustable and swiveling stand, curved panel, black or white finish… You are sure to find what you are looking for in the MSI Modern range of monitors.


A range of monitors adapted to all budgets

MSI actively combats eye fatigue by equipping its screens with anti-flickering, anti-reflective and blue light emission reduction technologies. To decide, we find the same constraints of budget and space, but there is also the choice of the definition which depends on the software you use. If you opt for WQHD (2,560 points by 1,440), you must ensure that your configuration will be able to take advantage of it (the graphics chip in particular). Three models hold the attention.

The Modern MD241PW, Modern MD271CPW and Modern MD272QP belong to range Business and Productivity by MSI. The first features a 23.8-inch screen in Full HD, while the second offers a 27-inch screen in WQHD (1440p). The Modern MD271CPW is aimed at moviegoers who want to watch a movie on their PC in optimal conditions. Its curved 27-inch (68.6 cm) Full HD panel prevents image distortion, reduces eye fatigue and magnifies productions shot in cinemascope. Discover all the MSI screens of the Modern range on LDLC.

Finally, be aware that MSI is renewing its operation Shout Out for MSI. The principle ? Write a review on the site where your MSI product is purchased and send it to the manufacturer. A gift will be offered to you as a thank you. All the details by clicking here.

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