Team Messi vs Team Ronaldo at Wembley: The 90 million show that didn’t happen

Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi were very close to taking part in a massive showpiece match at Wembley in a £90m project.

This would have happened in the years when the two were at the peak of their powers, and the debate over which of them was #1 was at its fiercest.

The information comes from Wall Street Journal reporters Joshua Robinson and Jonathan Clegg and is part of their new book titled Messi vs Ronaldo.

The story of the unrealized project began in 2014, when the soccer superstars were approached by dotcom millionaire Robert Bonnier with an offer to be the main characters in the show in question.

In the beginning, Messi and Ronaldo are intrigued by the idea of ​​such matches, which take place twice a year and in which each of them selects their own team of superstars.

The concept is similar to that of the American-style All-Star Game, recently launched by Chelsea owner Todd Boehly, who has suggested something similar be introduced to the Premier League.

The clashes between Team Messi and Team Ronaldo were to take place at London’s Wembley and the organizers planned to turn them into large-scale spectacles with music, a laser show and even possible boxing matches immediately after the football match.

Ronaldo and Messi would also wear special kits made by their sponsors, respectively Nike for the Portuguese and Adidas for the Argentine.

CR7 was still playing for Real Madrid at the time, and club president Florentino Perez demanded £21 million to allow his players to take part in the spectacle.

In the end, however, the project failed, and Joshua Robinson and Jonathan Clegg’s explanation was that the implementation involved too much politics and too many parties involved.

The All-Star Game is the last great uncharted territory in soccer. We were very close,” says producer David Piper, who was then hired to work on the telecast of the event.

The book “Messi vs. Ronaldo” explores the rivalry between the two legends in detail and unearths forgotten and hitherto unknown details of their careers.

For Ronaldo, for example, the authors claim he came close to joining Everton for just £2m in 2002, but instead moved to Manchester United a year later.


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