Tank battalions from Belarus are moving …

The commander of the United Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Lieutenant General Sergey Naev, announced that the surprise inspection of troops continues on the territory of Belarus, during which Belarusian soldiers are training for an offensive.

This was announced on Facebook by the VSU command.

“On the territory of the Republic of Belarus, an inspection of units of the 2nd motorized rifle division of the 1st tank army began. In particular, one motorized rifle battalion and two tank battalions were given the task of moving to areas bordering the border of Ukraine,” said Naev.

As the commander notes, “in turn, on the territory of the Kyiv region, at one of the important state objects of the critical infrastructure, exercises were held with units that guard and protect this object. The coordinated and clear actions of the defenders showed their readiness for an adequate countermeasure in case the enemy tries to capture this object.”

“We have worked out the elements of countering an enemy landing in the area of ​​a critical infrastructure site – inflicting fire damage with mortar and artillery batteries, encircling the enemy in a ring, crossing a water obstacle, reflecting a massive attack of unmanned aerial vehicles and full destruction of the enemy by all available means,” said Naev, quoted by the Ukrainian “Focus”.

We recall that analysts from the Institute for the Study of War (ISW) in a report dated December 23 stated that they do not rule out an option in which the Kremlin can purposefully transfer personnel and military equipment to Belarus as part of information-psychological warfare.


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