Sydney Sweeney – From Being Embarrassed About Her Large Breasts To Full “Euphoria”

Wherever Sidney Sweeney appears, he immediately grabs all the attention.

In “Euphoria” for the second season, we see her as the sexy but also emotional Cassie, and in “The White Lotus” she is the beautiful Olivia. We are also expected to see her as a superhero in the image of Madame Web – a spinoff of the Spider-Man franchise, which tells about a female mutant with superpowers.

We will also see her as Barbarella. Many would think that the actress is just another seductive face (and body!) in Hollywood that will quickly be forgotten, but Sydney is determined to disprove those prejudices.

“My body does not define what kind of person I am!”, she is emphatic.

In a conversation with GQ magazine, she does not deny that currently a considerable part of the screen time is dedicated to her curves and her large natural bust.

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However, Sweeney reveals that she wasn’t always comfortable in her body and that her sex appeal bothered her as a teenager.

“I didn’t dare change in front of the other girls in the changing rooms. I had a bust before all the other girls [да имат] and I felt punished by it,” says the actress.

That is why she is actively involved in sports. In high school, he practiced golf, soccer, softball, skiing and cycling. He becomes a master of martial arts, rides his bike through off-road terrain, and tries to ride a wakeboard. So Sidney got a number of scars on his face and body, which he still has today.

At the same time, she is also serious about textbooks, because she does not want to be considered stupid because of her appearance. “I was doing absolutely everything that people thought I would never do,” she explains.

Sydney Sweeney saw acting as an escape from her self-doubt, so she moved with her family to Los Angeles, where she auditioned.

Again, she deliberately does not apply for the roles of temptresses and cool chicks, but tries out for the images of losers and mutts. As Sweeney takes minor roles in cheap independent projects, her family begins to experience serious financial difficulties due to the standard in the City of Angels.

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They cannot afford the high rents and have to move to a motel on the edge of town. Sydney endures a lot of criticism for wasting her time and not having a “real job” to help her family.

The actress herself is desperate that success keeps running away from her, but 2018 refutes her. It was then that he successively received roles in the series Sharp Objects and in Tarantino’s super production “Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood”.

Here, too, fame is no longer delayed, and with it come the truly important roles.

Almost at the same time, he accepted to participate in “Euphoria” and “White Lotus”, which ensured not only his popularity, but also acquaintances with stars such as Drake and Jennifer Coolidge.

“People who used to make fun of me for not having a job are now writing to congratulate me,” Sweeney says.

“Success is among the sweetest revenges. I really put a lot of effort into the films I shoot and prepare carefully for each role and for each interview”, the actress also states.

Sweeney does not save and that he does not come from a stable environment and a healthy family. “I come from a Cassie-ta and Ru-ta background,” the actress clarifies, referring to the mentally unstable Cassie and the drug-addicted Ru from the Euphoria series.

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It is for this reason that he even skips high school parties to stay away from alcohol and drugs.

“I had a dream and I did everything I could to achieve that dream. Now I’m going to work even twice as hard to continue building the career I want,” Sidney tells ELLE.

She explains that sometimes it happens during the breaks of the shooting that she reads scripts and learns her lines for the next film and so on – until complete exhaustion.

“If I give up now… I won’t be able to live with myself anymore,” Sweeney is convinced. And she has no intention of taking a break, although there were such rumors after one of her interviews, in which she says that she really wants to have a family and children.

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“Right now I don’t have time to start the family I want. I work a lot and I’m focused on that,” notes Sydney Sweeney.

Although in her teenage years she was considered too sexy, now the actress does not mind shooting sex scenes if they are important to the character of her heroines.

She usually works with the same sex scene coordinator, who she says is communicative and flexible and makes her feel completely comfortable on set.

“We are in a great time for the industry because we have intimate coordinators,” Sweeney is convinced.

And because of her humble background, Sidney says that sometimes at the end of a grueling shooting day, she’s just happy that she’ll be able to pay her bills next month, and in a city like Los Angeles.


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