SWFT thinks that BMX also has the right to be electric


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Finding electric bikes dedicated to commuting, mountain biking or the road seems rather logical as the contribution of the engine in these disciplines can open up the practice to new users. SWFT’s idea of ​​placing a motor on a BMX is on the other hand much more surprising, the principle of such a bike being rarely to travel long distances or to climb hills.

Nevertheless, the company went to the end of its idea by taking up everything that makes the charm of a BMX – or almost. SWFT’s bike is based on a fairly low frame, whose geometry is not quite that of a BMX up to date. Indeed, the seat tube is quite long, no doubt to facilitate pedaling, saddle raised. The BMX – that’s its name – is based on a pair of 20-inch wheels with 2.35″ wide Wanda tires. Enough to maintain the liveliness necessary for this type of bike.

Liveliness, the 350 W motor placed in the hub of the rear wheel should provide it. Probably too much for the technical phases, especially since a simple rotation sensor controls the assistance. This engine, already out of the ordinary in France by its nominal power, allows the SWFT BMX to climb up to 32 km/h. The battery housed in the diagonal tube offers a capacity of 270 Wh which should lead to a limited autonomy.

The handlebar takes up classic lines, and a single hydraulic disc brake is offered on the rear wheel. The chain transmission offers, as the BMX spirit wants, only one speed. SWFT even goes so far as to offer two pairs of pegs by default. It will however be necessary to compose with a set of 18 kg if one wishes to return some tricks. Not necessarily obvious.

Other elements are more amazing on a BMX like the integrated front light or the side stand for parking. This bike is akin to the blink of an eye that will struggle to seduce beyond its appearance. Such an electric bike is likely to be quite limited for everyday use and is clearly not cut out for those who appreciate stunts. Fortunately, SWFT has the good taste not to claim more than $1000 for its BMX.

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