Svetlana Guscherova reached 43 kilograms and entered …

The millionaire wife went too far with her obsession with losing weight, which is already leading to dire consequences

Svetlana Guscherova spent several days in hospital. She shared this on the social network, and showed a photo from the hospital room. An abacus can be seen attached to her arm, and the setting does not look particularly luxurious. Apparently, the blonde was admitted to a state, not a private clinic, writes

The millionaire wife was admitted to the hospital shortly after the holidays. She did not disclose what the reason for the hospitalization was. Before Christmas, she and her husband Christian visited Venice, and even then the silicone blonde was not feeling well, but she did not want to postpone the trip. Her personal astrologer said she should celebrate her birthday on December 21 in Italy and the former playmate trusted her words. It is known that the mother of three children strictly follows the transits of the planets and guides her actions according to them. This time, however, she was unlucky and the exhaustion from the trip took its toll. After returning to her native land, Svetlana worsened and entered a health facility for treatment. Fortunately, Mrs. Guscherova is now well and has been discharged from the hospital. She shared that her faithful welcomed her home with dawn and roses.

Years ago, the reality star again had serious health problems. During her participation in the show “VIP Brother”, she admitted that she suffered from a stomach ulcer, which caused her great discomfort. “I have an ulcer that gives me terrible pain. It doesn’t hurt all the time, but when it starts, it’s extremely unpleasant. I treated myself for a few months, but then I stopped being so strict. Now I’m afraid to go to the doctor”, said the blonde.

She does not hide that she has a lot of guilt for her condition, because since she was a teenager she has been subjected to inhuman starvation in order to lose weight. Along with her participation in the reality show, the former playmate had gained weight – as many as 53 kilos, which according to her is too much, but now she is thin as a bird again. A millionaire’s wife has always had an obsession with being skinny, but lately she seems to have crossed the line of healthy looks.

“Don’t blame me! I like myself this way!”, the blonde justifies. She barely eats to maintain such a low weight. However, fasting has a bad effect on her ulcer. In a conversation with her fans on Instagram, Svetlana admitted that she weighs only 43 kilograms, and her big goal is to become 40. This is too little for a woman of her age and her height, and according to some, it borders on anorexia.

Guscherova is known to be a crazy fan of aesthetic corrections and plastic surgery. She is obsessed with appearance, even at the cost of her health. The blonde has several plastic surgeries on her nose, separately every 5-6 months she tightens her face with dermal fillers. After the first birth, the blonde inflated her breasts with silicone implants.

Outside of beauty procedures, the young mother mainly deals with her children – Anelia-Dobromira, Dobromir and Christian-Valentin. The two older kids are named after her father-in-law Dobromir Gushterov. He is the man with the money and the financial well-being of the whole family mainly depends on him, so the daughter-in-law tries hard to please him.

Gusterov Jr. has an unsuccessful marriage behind him with the chalga diva Maria, but she was never able to endow him with heirs. Fortunately for him, his second wife Svetlana bore him 3 children within 3 years. She is adamant that she will never show the kids in public. Unlike other popular personalities, the blonde strictly protects her sons and daughter from prying eyes.


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