Surprise, Instagram borrows another idea from a competing social network

Instagram is internally testing a new feature that is heavily inspired by the success of a young French application. She offers, via a notification received at a random time, to take two snapshots of our activities.

Instagram is reminiscent of a predator lurking in the shadows, ready to jump on any new concept that might appeal to Gen Z. According to Alessandro Paluzzi, a developer known for his reverse-engineered apps, Instagram is testing a new feature called Candid Challenges , which is by no means an original idea from the Meta teams. An Instagram spokesperson confirmed that this feature is currently a “internal prototype”without providing further details.

Concretely, Instagram users participating in the Candid Challenges experience will see a notification appear at a different time each day, inviting them to take a picture of their surroundings via the two cameras of their mobile (the selfie camera and the major). The guinea pigs have a two-minute window to take their shot, which is then posted as a Story, and therefore visible to all subscribers.

Few new ideas at Instagram

Original isn’t it? In reality, the functionality is clearly inspired by BeReal, an application that is a hit with the youngest and offers this main function. Launched in 2020, the app was relatively successful at first, but has been attracting more and more users since the beginning of 2022. By July of this year, the app had accumulated more than 20 million downloads, and was ranked number 1 on the App Store. Developed by a Frenchman, Alexis Barreyat, a former employee of GoPro, BeReal multiplies fundraising.

This is not the first time that Instagram, or even Meta, has taken strong inspiration from the competition. The Story, for example, appeared on Instagram after the success of the Snapchat application, allowing the posting of ephemeral photographs. The Californian company has also made no secret of having extensively revised its algorithms in order to surf the TikTok trend. This results in more content from public accounts with high audiences.

It remains to be seen whether Instagram will transform the trial and offer Candid Challenges to all its users.

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