Super Mario Bros, the movie: a new excerpt with Mario Chat and Donkey Kong

On paper, a film adapted from the Super Mario franchise can make you shiver, but while remembering the painful precedent of 1993, let’s admit that Super Mario Bros, the movie (April 5, 2023 in theaters) looks promising. A new and short extract has just been unveiled to maintain our expectations.

Mario Cat Vs. Donkey Kong

This new extract is certainly not much, but we will be satisfied with it. In 30 seconds, our favorite plumber finds himself facing a particularly formidable Donkey Kong and must use the blocks at his disposal to get out of it. Bad luck, of all the possible items, Mario falls on the one that changes him… into a feline.

  • Watch the new teaser of Super Mario Bros, the movie :

These images make us hear for the first time the original voice of Donkey Kong, voiced by Seth Rogen (SuperGrave, Delirium Express, The interview that kills) in original version. Above all, they allow a first glimpse of the Mario Chat variant which will be visible in the film. With the Flower of Fire and Mario Tanuki, it’s a new cult item from the franchise that we’re about to see again on the big screen.

As a reminder, the film tells the story of a plumber named Mario, propelled into a marvelous world where he will have to become a hero, find his lost brother and protect a kingdom from the terrifying Bowser. Signed by Illumination Studios (Minions, All on stage), the film promises against all expectations an ambitious and regressive adaptation, endowed with an inspired staging and a real epic breath.

Super Mario Bros, the movie is scheduled for April 5 in French cinemas.

Where to see other video game adaptations?

Often denigrated, video games are now the star of film and series adaptations. Netflix subscribers are thus entitled to the series resident Evil, Cyberpunk: Edge Runners, Castlevania or Arcane.

On Amazon Prime Video, the series The Last of Us is already unavoidable, when Quest Costume and future-man are programs that you may like.

Sorry for Disney + subscribers, but the streaming platform does not offer any real video game adaptation, at least for the moment.

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