Stoycho Mladenov: Where should I go after I was forced to leave “Bulgarian Army”?  In Levski or Ludogorets?  – BG Football – efbet League

Stoycho Mladenov: Where should I go after I was forced to leave “Bulgarian Army”? In Levski or Ludogorets? – BG Football – efbet League

CSKA legend Stoycho Mladenov was officially introduced as the operations director of CSKA 1948. He announced how he had made him accept the offer of the “reds” and asked where to go?

“This is the first page of my new life in sports. I ended my coaching career. I’m moving into another area – as a manager. I hope the club achieves its goals. A club founded by CSKA fans and legends. It develops, it works professionally. There are capable people in the club – legends of CSKA. I have no other offers from Bulgaria and my choice is to switch as a manager. I am happy to come to a club that has CSKA signs. With his experience, he will be useful in every area in the club. This is news to me,” Mladenov began.

“Everyone has the right to be dissatisfied. I am a mature enough person to judge what I should do. What is more natural than going to a club where my teammates work. After I was forced to leave CSKA by “Bulgarian Army”. Where should I go? In Levski or Ludogorets…? That’s what I thought, but during these three months I had the opportunity to meet with the people from the club, with the sponsors, and I got an idea of ​​this club,” he continued.

“How rich the sponsor is, I don’t know. It’s the smallest salary I’ve ever received. It’s not the main thing in my career, although intrigues say otherwise left and right. I’m aware of the club I’m joining – with big ambitions and goals “.

“You know that it is a precedent to be in the same club with Lyubo Penev. We are strong characters, it is normal that there are sparks. There is something to unite us. There is something to work for successfully. You will still understand a lot of news. I hope to accomplish everything on 100%”, shared Mladenov about his relationship with the current coach of CSKA 1948.

“Why shouldn’t I be at the stadium in the match with CSKA? What’s stopping me? Both I get end SMS and approving ones. These are normal things. Shall we call Gibbon a traitor for being in CSKA? I will give my best you are for the prosperity of the club. I don’t like that there are two CSKA either. It depends on us, I want to see a united CSKA. Enough with this division. If we put everything together, CSKA will be invincible. There is a division between the fans , between the legends. Why is there no division in Levski? With us it continues and it is encouraged”.

The very name operations director suggests. The sports and technical part was given to Luboslav Penev. This is the right of every coach. From then on, we will work with Dobrin Gyonov. Our ambitions are to develop. This year we have to be ahead. We all have winning personalities. We are looking for the maximum in every match. The division continues. I hope this stops. No one wants division. I dream of a unified CSKA. Let whoever is better win,” concluded Mladenov.