Stoycho Mladenov especially for dsport and Darik radio: There are white spots in Levski and we have to make the most of it – CSKA 1948

The operational director of CSKA 1948, Stoycho Mladenov, stated that there are white spots in Levski and the “reds” must make the most of it.

“Whether now is the right time to face Levski or not, the program is as it should be. The current state of one and the other team is not of such great importance, because this match is always interesting”, shared Mladenov specially for dsport and Darik radio.

“The expectations are the same for every single game. We are fighting for the three points. We will do our best to win this game as well as we won the first one. I know that it is very difficult to play in Gerena, but we have a very good team that has performed excellently so far and I hope that we will come out with our heads held high after the game,” added Mladenov.

“Every time there are matches between the teams at the top of the Bulgarian championship standings, it’s interesting. These are derbies that are extremely interesting,” added the operational director of CSKA 1948.

“Our tendency is to win every match. With such a mentality and such a desire, we go into every match. We don’t always win, but the team plays attacking football that is pleasing to the football eye, so any supporter can judge. So far, the evaluation has been extremely positive for our team’s performance,” he continued.

“I would like to highlight the good collective play of our team and the extremely excellent performance of Chochev, who is a key player for our team.”

“Levski relies on the press and an aggressiveness on the part of all competitors. This makes it difficult for every team, because it does not give the players the opportunity and time to reflect and think about each next move. Levski puts every team under pressure with the high press they exercise. The press also has a counter press. Every single team must comply with this press that Levski exerts and get the most out of all this thing that Levski represents. Of course, there are white spots, both in the selection and in the behavior of the team as a whole. There are always positives and negatives that we need to pay very close attention to.”

“The rotations that are taking place in our team are extremely positive, I hope they will be even more positive in the rest of the games until the end of the championship.”

“Naturally, the transfer window must be used to the maximum by us to be able to increase competition in every single line, and as we know competition improves quality.”

“We have to comment on the referees because there are many scandalous situations in the judgments, but we have to obey first of all the game and not so much the refereeing. Refereeing is of utmost importance and one situation can decide the course of the match. Unfortunately, from the beginning of the championship until this moment, in this regard, extremely many mistakes are made by the judges and the VAR. That is why there is such a ferment at the moment against the people who are in the so-called VAR booths. They are too unidirectional. Serious attention must be paid and in this way the attitude or one-sidedness of the decisions that are taken must be stopped,” said Stoicho Mladenov.

Chochev did not select – he scored against both Slavia and CSKA 1948

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