Stoycho: Grisha Ganchev used me and other legends, manages CSKA according to the “Litex Lovech” model – BG Football – efbet Liga

I want a united CSKA before I leave this world. This was stated by the new operational director of CSKA 1948, Stoycho Mladenov. Recently, the Executor of Liverpool became part of the management of the team, which plays its home matches at the stadium in Bistrica, and stirred up spirits among the “red” fans.

He was immediately denounced as a “traitor”, but Mladenov himself claims that he had no other choice, since he was used and abandoned by the “Army”.

“There has always been a mystique, a mystery in CSKA. There was (before) a consistency in CSKA’s policy, all the managers followed it. The best and deserving players were given the opportunity to continue working in the CSKA system, while now the opposite is happening – they use us and throw us away. And they force us to make such decisions, which I also made. Grisha Ganchev manages CSKA according to the model he used to manage Litex in Lovech. But there is a very big difference between the two clubs,” Mladenov told btv.

“My love for CSKA no one can take it away from me. The fact that I have now moved to CSKA 1948 – a club created and founded by CSKA fans and former colleagues of mine… I want to ask why we are there? We were used and thrown out. I was forced. They treated me very badly. The attitude after December was disastrous! Where should I go? Here I see that sedation is observed.”

He also revealed why he decided to join CSKA 1948. “The goal of my joining CSKA 1948 – to have a unified CSKA. No one accepts two CSKAs. There cannot be such a division. I thought so, and so did I I was told that CSKA 1948 was created to interfere with the other CSKA, but now I am convinced that this is not the case. In the club where I will work, we do not interfere with anyone. One of my tasks is to warm relations with CSKA, let’s have an understanding. Let’s have a united CSKA. CSKA of the fans. Can you imagine, if we all unite, what kind of CSKA we can have? I imagine it and dream about it!”.

“I think I’m in the right place. I’m among my own again.”

“I know that the fans were affected a lot. I know about their reaction and their disappointment, but in time they will understand why I am right and why I went here. Because I want a united CSKA and here I can work for this united CSKA. Nobody suits him to have two CSKAs. And in time you will see again that we have one CSKA. I am convinced of this, why those who work in 1948 are no less tsesekarians than those who are currently with the “Army”. No less,” the specialist is emphatic.

About a year ago, Mladenov replaced Lyubo Penev at the head of CSKA-Sofia and the two long-time friends exchanged remarks through the media. Now they will work together in CSKA 1948, but Mladenov reassured El Goleador that he has no intention of replacing him.

“Lyuboslav Penev should not worry, I don’t want to change anyone. I have other obligations. He said he has an opinion about me, I have about him. The important thing is to work for the common goals of the club. I am done with coaching,” he concluded Mladenov.

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