Storm in Brussels – “Catargate” with an Italian connection, bundles in suitcases and a beautiful blonde

The former deputy president of the EP and her husband suspected of affairs with Gulf countries

They kept hundreds of thousands of euros at home, huh in return they lobbied for the interests of Doha and Rabat

At least 750,000 euros in cash was kept by the former vice-president of the European Parliament, Eva Kylie, in her home in Brussels, and it is assumed that they came from bribes with a Qatari and Moroccan address. In return, it was supposed to help secure more favorable political and economic solutions in Brussels regarding Doha and Rabat, as well as a “softer” attitude on the issue of civil rights violations. The rights of the workers in Qatar, engaged in the construction work around the soccer world cup, were also targeted.

Precisely thanks to the fact that

the bundles are caught “in step” from the Belgian ones investigators,

or the moment when Eva Kylie’s father tried to take out nearly 600 thousand in bags from a hotel, the arrest became possible despite the immunity of the beautiful blonde of Thessaloniki origin. Another 150 thousand euros were later found in her home. The leader of the Greek socialist party PASOK, Nikos Androulakis, described the former TV star as a Trojan horse in the government. Some time ago, the relationship between the two cooled after 8 years of iron friendship.

Another 600 thousand euros were found in the home of the former MEP from the Italian “Democratic Party” Antonio Panzeri. He is suspected of being the person who entangled the corruption network on the high floors of Brussels.

His former parliamentary assistant is 35-year-old Francesco Giorgi from Milan – the man who shares a life and a house with 44-year-old Eva. They also have a child. The ex-sailor is just as charming as her, which is why many call them the beauties of the European Parliament, who never go unnoticed.

The affair that rocked Brussels, and especially the Socialist group, involved not only cash, but also expensive vacations and luxury gifts for the characters suspected of participating in it. According to experts, this is perhaps the biggest corruption scandal in the history of the EP. Not only Kylie, Giorgi and Panzeri are in prison, but also lobbyist Nicolo Figa-Talamanica, who is the general secretary of the No Peace Without Justice Foundation. Two of those investigated in the affair were released – Kylie’s father and Luca Visentini, general secretary of the Confederation of Trade Unions. In Italy, however, Panzeri’s wife and daughter are under house arrest.

According to Corriere della Sera, EP President Roberta

It’s Mezzola should have attended in person upon search

of the office of Belgian MEP of Italian origin Marc Tarabella, as he has immunity.

According to the Brussels prosecutor’s office, Kylie, who is suspected of being one of the most corrupt in the affair, has recently expressed quite favorable positions for Doha. In November, she went to the emirate and, in the presence of the local minister of labor, noted how great the progress of reforms in this area is. Later, in the parliament of Qatar, she even praised the country as a “leader in workers’ rights”, which brought her a lot of criticism from the left and liberals.

Brussels magistrates suspect that former MEP Antonio Panzeri politically influenced MEPs in favor of Qatar and Morocco in exchange for money. From the wiretaps of his wife Maria Dolores and his daughter Sylvia, it became clear that they were fully aware of what was going on. In one of the conversations, the wife mentioned “how she looked at the prices for Christmas now and that

can not allow yourself to spend 100 thousand euros

like last year”. Panzeri and his family were also involved in transporting gifts received from Morocco through its ambassador in Poland.

They also used funds from a credit card in the name of another person. In 2019, Panzeri left the EP after three terms with the Italian Democrats. However, he did not leave Brussels, but opened the Fight Impunity foundation in its center, which organized a series of conferences – from Greece to Mauritania.

Everyone liked it the couple Eva – Francesco, also brought his daughter in the European Parliament

The main characters in the affair, investigated by the Belgian magistrate, are the couple Eva – Francesco, who often liked to bring their two-year-old daughter to the EP hall. Kylie is one of the 14 vice-presidents and comes from a family of the Thessaloniki bourgeoisie. Her father is an engineer. Eva has a degree in architecture, but she throws it aside to become a TV journalist. He read the news for a while, but soon after he got involved in politics and became very close to the former Socialist Prime Minister Georgios Papandreou. Kylie began her career in Brussels in 2014, but then her relations with PASOK deteriorated and, according to Greek sources quoted by Corriere della Sera, the Socialists announced that they would no longer be running for her in 2024. Shortly after broke news of the investigation, Kylie was

expelled from his party

For Eva’s partner – Francesco Giorgi, the fame of a handsome but arrogant man is carried. The former sailing instructor started his career as a parliamentary assistant in Brussels in 2009. He specializes in the affairs of the Maghreb countries, so even after his former employer Panzeri left the parliament, Giorgi transferred to the MEP from Naples, Andrea Cozzolino, who heads the delegation for relations with the Maghreb. Most of the friends of the Francesco-Eva couple are stunned by the investigation in which they are involved.

The President of the EP, Roberta Mezzola, decided to immediately remove all the power and responsibilities of Eva Kylie in her capacity as a deputy of the Parliament “in the light of the judicial investigation of the Belgian authorities”.

Everything is at stake authority of the EP,

therefore, in his first statement, Metzola said that he firmly opposes corruption and added that he could not comment on an ongoing investigation.

Many have the feeling that it is an “Italian affair” and try to isolate the phenomenon of corruption from the institution in Brussels.

To stop any suspicions arising, the socialists in the parliament already on Friday asked for a work freeze on the issues related to the issuance of visas, as well as the visits to the Persian Gulf countries. Many want all folders and files on Qatar in the European Parliament to be reviewed now.


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