Stoilov: I have not withdrawn the demand for Papazov’s resignation, I feel too much (VIDEO) – Levski

The head coach of Levski Stanimir Stoilov gave his traditional press conference before hosting Arda in the ninth round of the efbet League.

“Physically, we are more or less in good shape. I rule out some minor ailments. It is hoped that everyone will be able to participate until the game. As a psychological state, it is naturally not pleasant to lose by penalty kicks.

The main criterion that interested me is such matches as the one with Ludogorets. It is important to keep the ambition and motivation, we can have chances to shorten the distance to the leaders. It is important that we play well every game. No need for setup and extra motivation when playing big matches. If we want to win games in the championship, every game must be our final. One or two changes we can make.

Some players played two or three games without recovery. Noah is healthy, he can make the lineup. Arda plays quite good and combinatory football. They play with mood. By Bulgarian standards, they are a team that controls the situation. Everything will depend on the performance of our team.

To end the topic once and for all, I have not withdrawn the demand for the resignation of Konstantin Papazov. I can say that during those years he was often a counselor and a ruler. The Roman Empire and Levski fell because of governance. That money he got back is 5% of what he lost. To play basketball. It’s like me telling him what to do with basketball. It comes a little too much.

Nikolay Mihailov has been guarding for a long time, now we will give Plamen Andreev a chance. I hope it continues to develop. Levski’s path goes through youth development. It’s normal for Nikki to wait, as Plamen waits. We are not looking for culprits, but a future for Levski. He has no problem. Apart from youth, there is also a price in our goalkeepers. We must look for the youth to be worth something. Nikolay can guard at any moment without problems in the Bulgarian championship, he has the qualities.

The club was in a financial mess. We are paying off debts that have been there for years. I have spoken my mind, this is my truth. Papazov’s football is not his strength. We inherited a club that was on the brink of bankruptcy. It’s easy to hit the internet and check what came before. I have always believed in Levski football club and the symbiosis between fans and team. I also believe in coaching.

Levski needs to improve its own class with this team. I have no worries about the big games. I have concerns about the mid-table rivals. We may not have the self-esteem to win these games. With Levski, it becomes a football show, without us there is none. The result is always there or not. We need to work on the penalty component.

I can hardly guess when Ivelin Popov can play a whole match. I think he’s ready to start tomorrow as long as he lasts. There is a disrupted training from last year.

The second team has a shock from away games. Results must be improved. Some train in the first team and perform below their level. They will all start training with the first team to improve their level. We tried to have a dialogue about Nathan Alder, in our opinion it is discrimination because he is from the European Union. We currently want to improve results as results. Topuzakov works well with young people,” said Stoilov.

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