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Levski coach Stanimir Stoilov commented on the future of the “blue” club and its potential new investors. He said that financially the leftists are already on their feet, but he expects to find a solution to the obligations to the National Revenue Agency or to have a large investor come. Murray admitted that he was even ready to resign if it would be for the good of Levski.

“I’m not giving up on anything. If they want to make a new story and they invite us and they need us, we will continue. Levski is my club, of which I am a fan and in no way do I want to put it under any pressure, if there is new investors or owners, with my presence, feel committed that I should continue – I am resigning, and they will decide whether we will agree on the way of working. It is important for me that Levski is saved,” he told Bulgaria On Air Stoilov.

Murray went back and forth to his early years in coaching.

“I owe almost everything from football to Levski, he developed me as a player, then as a coach. Levski is the foundation of my football career. For me it means honesty and faith. The covenants of the Apostle must be respected. There are no poor and rich Levska players, there are no more small and big leftists, they are all equally leftists,” noted Stoilov.

He said that March 8, 2003 was the last match he played – against Slavia, and he even broke his finger, and after the match they released his coach Slavolyub Muslin, of whom he was a zealous fan. He then received a “slightly bogus” offer to continue until the end of the season.

“Then I saw a false invitation to continue, to recover and I said that I was stopping, but then Gosho Todorov invited me to be an assistant coach. I stayed to work, we managed to do positive work and won the Bulgarian Cup. After that I did not receive an offer for a new contract, because hypocrisy and duplicity prevails in this country. After that, I came back and quite boldly stated that I wanted to be a coach. I think I was prepared because I had very good teachers,” explained Stoilov.

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