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Levski’s mentor – Stanimir Stoilov, spoke to the media at a traditional Gerena briefing the day before the city derby with Slavia. Haskovlia again commented on the ticket prices for the meeting with the “whites”, believing that the aim is to limit the presence of “blue” supporters at the “Slavia” stadium.

“We will know Petris’ condition tomorrow. The other players are training normally, but they have minor ailments and I hope that tomorrow they will be fine and we will show up with the maximum number of players for Slavia. For me, the prices that Levski should get are what they are for other visiting teams. That goes for my supporters as well, I think. We ourselves are trying to limit people from going to the stadium. Let’s prevent Levski’s supporters from going, developing gamely. Looks like we’re getting scary. The actual prices we had to get is like for the others. I understood that the fans of Levski broke a lot. The football club pays for everything so it’s a flimsy excuse. There is a different attitude towards our club. It tries to create nervousness. Referee comments, tension is building,” said Stoilov.

“We will have a match with Vihren first, then, if we continue, it will be with Ludogorets. We will play against the hegemon of Bulgaria – a difficult draw. We will try to look our best. The cup is too far away to think about. For me, tomorrow’s match with Slavia is more important. They have a really serious team playing good football under Zagorcic. They always make for interesting matches. I want my players to be as focused and focused as possible. Everyone wants to perform strongly against us. The most important thing is that we adjust our game and that the players’ heads are okay. We have to be at a high level.”

“I never had any claims about the appointments to the judges. Everything will pass and be forgotten after the mistakes. I have called many times to work on this topic. Refereeing should be commented by professionals. I agree with Botev about the “round table” but a lot of clubs will be uncomfortable standing there as they know how they treat the referees. We have no problem and are ready for discussion. I always avoided commenting on the referees, whether it was for us or against us. There are people to make decisions. Many people in Bulgarian football do not know the rules, which is an important topic. The Football Association can think about this topic. Many of the clubs will be ashamed to sit at such a table if there are judges or referees’ guiding factors there. It is not the biggest problem of our football. We have to sort out our football stuff, then comment on refereeing. How many times do I propose to have gatherings on different topics? We are not trying to reach a consensus. Levski is ready to sit on any kind of talks so that something correct can happen”.

“Our proposal makes sense – 11 months of football. It is normal for football players to rest for a month. If we are a normal country, the championship should have ended on November 14. The others will start on December 25, for example. We don’t have a championship, but this is normal practice. We make up matches for the Cup. We have bought tickets for our foreigners, but what if we get knocked out in the first round of the Cup? Many of the games in the second season we will have time to play. The championship of Bulgaria will last until June 10. We want football sense to prevail. We are starting a long hiatus after November 14th. In England, when there are no major forums, the break is 50 days. It should be discussed with arguments. I hear how something can’t be done, and no one wants to say how it will be. Everyone is pulling their rug towards him.”

“It is important that Shehu fits into the team, deserves his place. A match with Botev should not be a problem for a player like him. He has to help the team. The other option there is Patrick who can take part. We have no worries that Petris will eventually not play with Slavia. Shehu has experience and that is why he was brought in. This makes coaching easier. We host almost all stadiums, unless they close the stadiums for our fans, we raise tickets, we limit them. It’s best not to go, let them beat us officially and be satisfied that Levski lost. When we lose 1-2 matches, hysteria starts. Fear has big eyes. Levski plays football to win and make people happy. We want to be with our fans everywhere. We are not worried about the word “visiting”, concluded Stanimir Stoilov.

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